5612G / 5622G


2/2-Way Pneumatic, Straight Body Valve with Cylinder Actuator for On-Off Application.

25mm (1”) to 100mm (4”).

Body & Bonnet Material

SG Iron IS-1865-400/15A. Cast Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB, St. St. ASTM A351 CF8(SS304), or ASTM A351 CF8M (SS316).

Pressure Temp. rating

As per ANSI B 16.5 Class 150.

End Connection

Flanged as per ANSI B 16.5 Class 150.

Design Standard

As per ASME B 16.34

Face to Face

As per DIN 3202 Part I Series F1

Testing Standard

As per IS-6157-1981.


St. St. AISI 304/316 Ground and Burnished.

Stem Packing

Self adjusting, Spring loaded Teflon packing

Plug and Seat

St. St. 304 or 316.


Soft seated Teflon backed by EPDM. Optional-VITON /EPDM, Buna Nitrile.


Soft Seated Class VI , as per ANSI B 16.104-1976.


On-Off, normally close and normally open.

Working Fluid Press

Refer to table below

Working Temperature

On steam- continuous :155°C, Intermittent 180°C, with PTFE seating, Buna Nitrile 80°C, EPDM 135°C, VITON 180°C

Cylinder Cover

Stainless Steel ASTMA351 (CF8).


Stainless Steel ASTMA351 (CF8).

Piston Packing

Buna Nitrile

Operating cycles

Upto 50 mm 300 cy/hr, (Tested on air, on other fluids this figure may vary). For other sizes detail refer to Avcon.

Actuator Spring

IS 4454 Grade III, duly painted

Actuator Working Pressure

3.5 to 7.5 Bar (refer to graph) (Signal Pressure) inlet pressure depended.

Life Expectancy

Over one million cycles (lab tested in ideal condition)

Air Quality

Lubricated, filtered and free of moisture shop air or dry instrument quality air.

Maximum operating pressure differential

Refer to graph.


Air lock, Indicating limit switch box, Solenoid valves, Filter regulator gauge. Other accessories available on application.

Sales Point

Full ported flanged valve to give maximum flow, long life, simple in construction.


For control of air, water, oil, gas, steam in textile, power generation, paper & pulp, chemical, petrochemical industries, PSA nitrogen system, air dryer, gas generator and others.

Back Pressure

Suitable upto 2.5 bar.

Instruction Manual:

Refer to IM 5612/5622.


Use of AVCON FRG (Relieving type) set air pressure not more than 5.5 bar.

Technical Data